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Immunotherapy of cancer by gene therapy "Development of a next-generation cancer drug"

We are working on the development of "Next Generation Cancer Therapeutics" by gene therapy using Reduced Expression in Immortalized Cell (REIC) gene which was discovered at Okayama University.

Although the REIC gene is expressed vigorously in normal cells, its expression is reduced when cells turn into cancer cells. It is revealed that forced expression of the REIC gene in cancer cells causes selective cancer cell death (apoptosis) and cancer immunity activation.

Immunotherapy of cancer by gene therapy Development of a next-generation cancer drug

We manufactured a drug "Ad-REIC formulation", using adenovirus as a vector, that carries the REIC gene to cancer cells. More than 80 cancer patients have been administered the formulation in clinical trials and symptoms of a cold such as a temporary fever caused by adenovirus are the only side effects reported. At the same time, high efficacy against cancer has been confirmed.

With the result of studies using cancer cells, animals, etc., drugs using the REIC gene are expected to be effective for most types of solid cancers. We will continue to carry out clinical trials so that Ad-REIC formulation will be offered as soon as possible to all cancer patients who are waiting for therapeutic agents. In addition, we will work on expanding the types of cancers which can be subjected to clinical trials.

Immunotherapy of cancer by gene therapy Development of a next-generation cancer drug

Deployment to new seeds

Currently, it is said that one quarter of the pharmaceutical products originates from bio venture companies. Development process from drug discovery seeds to pharmaceutical products requires a huge amount of money and professional know-how.

Our goal is to make the REIC gene discovered at Okayama University into practical use as a therapeutic drug for cancer. We acquired intellectual properties, have developed a formulation, have implemented preclinical trials, and are implementing clinical trials after submitting necessary documents to the authorities.

In the process, we have accumulated expert know-how and have built networks in various fields. In the future, we will make maximum use of these strengths and put new drug discovery seeds into practical use in the shortest period. By acting as a "bridge" in the pharmaceutical industry, we will contribute to people's healthy happy life through medical development.

Deployment to new seeds