Momotaro Gene Inc. recognizes the importance of personal information in our business. In order to protects personal information strictly, we will establish the following policy and manage it appropriately.

1.Acquisition and use of personal information
In acquiring personal information, we will identify the purpose of use in advance, acquire it by lawful and fair means to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose, and use it within the scope of the purpose specified beforehand .
2.Management of personal information
Personal information will be managed accurately and up to date within necessary range according to the purpose of use. In addition, we will take reasonable safety measures on technical and organizational aspects of personal information risks such as unauthorized access, loss of personal information, destruction, falsification and leakage.
3.Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
In principle, we will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party except in the following cases.
· When we obtain consent from the person
· When based on law
· When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent of the person himself, etc
4.Disclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal information, etc.
When we are requested to disclose personal information, correct it, suspend use, etc. from the person himself, we will respond promptly after undergoing the procedure of identity verification.
5.Compliance with laws and regulations, and review
We will comply with Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information and review the content of this policy as necessary and make efforts to improve it.
6.Inquiries concerning the handling of personal information
For inquiries about the handling of personal information, please contact us from the inquiry form.